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A Safe Haven

Our mission is to keep families together. However, in some circumstances children live in vulnerable environments, have been abandoned, or are orphaned.

The Children's Sanctuary provides a safe haven for such children.

Each child is provided with love, a safe environment, nutrition, medical care, and a quality education.


Sewing School

Many young women in Cambodia never had the opportunity to complete primary school. It is these women who end up the most vulnerable, and their children the victims of extreme poverty.

Our 'Sew Wat Sewing School' offers such mothers an opportunity to gain an education in one of the country's largest manufacturing sectors.


Medical Program

Details coming soon . . . 



Many women in rural areas become single mothers with no means to earn a living, little access to health care, and any hope of escaping the cycle of poverty.

The Children's Sanctuary offers support to such mothers providing education and micro-finance for small business opportunities.  


Community Care 

This program includes the sponsorship of local schools, bikes, and provision of education supplies.

Further, is our emergency care component providing an array of services to impoverished Cambodians such as medical care, food parcels, clean water, temporary housing or repairs.



Details coming soon . . .

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