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Sponsoring a child is the most direct way of making an impact on a child's life.

Our sponsorship program allows you to develop a relationship with the CSI family, and to oversee the child/children's development over the years as they grow into independent individuals with the means to lead a meaningful life.

100% of your donation goes towards the child or family as a whole. 

All expat staff and board of directors work solely as volunteers.


There are many bright young students in Cambodia. However, poverty prevents these individuals from gaining a tertiary education despite their talents.

The Children's Sanctuary provides such students with the ambition to continue their education, access to complete a tertiary education.
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Increase your company's philanthropic activity, and thus overall success, by sponsoring the CSI family or a program.

For further information, please email:

100% of your donation will help to cover costs of whichever project is of interest to you, be it a donation towards a child or the CSI family, transport, school fees, helping a young woman gain an education, a tertiary education for an ambitious student, or medical care for an individual who has no means to access the necessary services. 

Thank you for your support!

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