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change through education
  • Educating children and adults to end the cycle of poverty

  • Providing a loving and safe home for the most vulnerable children

  • sponsoring local students to undertake tertiary studies

  • 'Sew Wat Sewing School' dedicated to educating single mothers living in poverty

  • microfinance for small business

  • health care and access to emergency services  

Education & Sustainability

  • Help transform the life of a Cambodian child through sponsorship

  • Sponsor a student or single mother to end the cycle of poverty

  • 100% of your donation goes directly to the cause

  • Make a profound impact on a life, and become a child sponsor, or sponsor a project

  • To equip young Cambodians with the means to end the cycle of poverty, through education, opportunities, choices, and self-sufficiency

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All donations are Tax Deductible
(within Australia)

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